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General Information

This is a fifth generation gaming console that was first released in 1996, and is the first console ever to include an analogue stick directly onto its controller.

When it was released it came with two packaged launch games - Super Mario and Pilotwings.

It is one of the biggest selling game consoles ever, selling more than 33 million units.


Technical Specifications

Main list of specifications -

  • 64-bit R4300i RISC CPU running at 93.75MHz.
  • CPU contains 64 bit data paths and registers with 5-stage pipelining.
  • 64-bit RISC maths co-processor running at 62.5MHz
  • 4MB of RAM, upgradeable to 36MB.
  • Pixel drawing graphics processor (RDP) is built directly into the maths co-processor.
  • 16.7 million color capability. 32K colors displayed on the screen.
  • Graphics capability is 150,000 polygons per second.
  • Graphics resolution of 640×480 pixels.
  • 16/24 channel 16 bit stereo sound capability.


Gray Nintendo 64 N64, Console and power cord only
Gray Nintendo 64 N64, Console And Power Cord Only
US $9.99


Available Mario Games

Mario Tennis

A sports game similar in genre to Mario Golf, Super Mario Bros Tennis gathers together both friends and enemies of Mario to play tennis.

This is a simultaneous multi-player game (with up to 4 players). There are a different modes offered - "Exhibition mode" provides an easy and friendly game for everyone, whereas "Tournament mode" provides a lot tougher game play. There is also a fun "ring-shot" mode where you have to hit the balls through rings.

A range of different court types also adds additional levels of complexity to the game. They have certainly spun this into a really fun game, in a game category that is historically not always one of the most popular.

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 is the follow on to Super Mario Kart for the SNES console. The upgrades from the original version include the move to 3D computer graphics and the introduction of simultaneous four player support.

The players take control of a character from the Mario universe. They all race around a collection of different race tracks, together with items that can either harm an opponent or aid the user.

Mario Golf

In this game Mario, together with his collection of friends and foes, plays golf on a variety of different Mario themed golf courses. Can be played in multi-player mode with your friends, or you can play it on your own.

Paper Mario

An unusual feature that distinguishes Paper Mario from other games is that while the game itself displays a 3D environment (similar to the one that is used within Super Mario) the characters are all designed as flat two-dimensional sprites.

This is very reminiscent of the older 16-bit Mario titles, and portrays the impression that the characters are paper figurines.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario is a platformer game published for the N64 console. Originally designed and developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development, it was first released 1996.

Packaged together with Pilotwings, it is one of the 2 title games that was launched with the N64 system. As one of the biggest video game sellers of all time, Super Mario has sold more than eleven million copies.

Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2 is a standard party game where players (up to 4 players max) play through a Mario themed world, trying to collect as many coins and stars as possible. The "star space" appears randomly on the board and players need to reach it first in order to win.

Stars come at a price, and players also need to win mini-games in order to be able to afford them.

Mario Party 3

Mario Party 3 (the sequel to Mario party 2) is the third (and last) Mario Party game for this console.

Eight characters are used during game play (including the new Waluigi and Princess Daisy characters). The game comprises duel maps in which two players fight it out. The task is to lower each other's stamina rating to zero by making use of the available non-playable characters.

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